LED Taxi top display advertising machine


Car advertising machine installation precautions
Since most of the car advertising machines are used in public places,
voltage instability may cause equipment damage. It is recommended to use a stable car battery 24V, and do not use a power line with high-power equipment such as engines. Be sure to provide a steady current input to the led taxi top display.

Please do not expose the product to rain or sun, and provide a safe and suitable environment to avoid affecting the normal use of the product.

The installation of the car taxi top display must be fixed, such as the common iron frame should be fixed on the car top, because the traffic is heavy around the car, it's easy to cause damage. If not, it is also easy to cause personal and property safety.

Please do not disassemble or repair the car advertising machine
by yourself to avoid high voltage electric shock or other hazards. Professional maintenance personnel should be required to complete all maintenance work.

Before cleaning the screen of the car advertising machine, please unplug the power cord to ensure that the advertising machine is in a power-off state, gently wipe it with a clean, soft cloth without a thread, and do not use the spray directly on the screen.

Please do not block the ventilation holes and audio sound holes on the casing of the advertising machine. Please do not place objects on the radiator, heat source or any other location that may affect normal ventilation, to adviod affect the operation of the advertising machine.

Our taxi top screen advantages:


1. View the location of the vehicle in real time
2. Play the program at a fixed point
3. Historical driving track query
4. Dual application scenario
Support single and double color display, such as taxi roof display;
Support full color display, such as bus tail advertising display, advertising vehicles, etc.



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  2. p6 outdoor led sign light up
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  5. p5 full color led sign cabinet
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  7. New Design Cabinet Anti water testing


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