Smart Lamppost LED Screen


Pixel Pitch 4.8 MM
Alum Tile Size 768* 1544 MM
Pixel constitution SMD 1R1G1B
Mode can choose P3.8 / P4.8

Full Color Video Display Function Wifi 3G 4G Lamppost LED Screen








  1. Adopted black leds, high contrast ratio.
  2. Smart control: wifi / 3G / 4G smart, intelligent management for advertising can control.
  3. A successful installtion,advertising graphic information at random change, save dismantling advertising Brand of trouble, but also save resources.
  4. Back and front IP65 IP class,Outdoor weather use at easy .
  5. After open external door maintenance way, let the more convenient installation and maintenance.
  6. Energy saving, adopted common cathode technology. Low working tempaerature, it more stable and perfectly display and prolong lifetime. Saving power can reduce the operation cost.









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