New product rental led dispaly


Pixel Pitch 3.91 MM
Alum Tile Size 500 * 500 MM
Pixel constitution SMD 1R1G1B
Mode can choose P3.91 / P4.81

RGB outdoor rental led digital  display screen  




Standard dimeenision,module size 250*250mm,two cabinet size 500*500mm and 500*1000mm,compatible P3.91/P4.81/P5.95 ,very convenience for customers to plan the entire sceen area.
Light and strong cabinet ,with quick locate handle lock can be quickly and easily assembled in various ways,suitable for variety of occassions,meet different customer requirements for a a variety of applications.
140-degree viewing angle assure the screen has wider view area,meet various rent environment requirements.


Cabinet Size:500mm*500mm

THR B2-1.jpg

Cabinet Size:500*1000mm



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