New Front Service Energy Saving Fixed Outdoor LED Billboard


Pixel Pitch 5 MM
Alum Tile Size 960 * 960 MM
Pixel constitution SMD 1R1G1B
Mode can choose p4 / p5 / p6 / p6.66 / p8 / p10

Energy Saving Low Heat High Performance Outdoor LED Display


Saving Power: More energy-efficient, saving 30%-50% power consumption.


High protection level, work stably and perfectly in bad weather.


Wireless control.

wireless control.jpg

Front service design, easy and fast to install and repair it in the future.


Wide Viewing Angle


01 What is a common cold screen?

“Common yin” refers to the common yin power supply mode. The common cold screen adopts a common yin lamp bead,

and R and GB are separately powered.

 "Yin" is the negative electrode. Contrary to the anode (positive electrode),

the current passes through the lamp bead to the IC negative electrode.

02 What is the common anode display?

The common anode display current flows from the PCB board to the lamp bead, and the RGB lamp bead is uniformly powered.


03 What are the characteristics of the common cold screen?

The common cold screen is powered by R and GB separately, that is, the voltage and current are accurately

 distributed to the red, green and blue lamp

beads, and the current passes through the lamp beads to the IC negative electrode, the forward voltage is

 reduced, and the conduction internal resistance is small. The separate power supply scheme effectively reduces

 power consumption and greatly reduces the heat generated during the operation of the display.


04 Common cold screen why "cold"?

The special common cathode power supply mode of the cold screen makes the heat generated during the operation

 of the LED display screen less

and the temperature rises low. Under normal circumstances, when the white balance state and video play,

the cold screen is about 20 °C lower than

the regular outdoor LED display of the same model!


05 Common cold screen saves money "province" where?

 Separate precision power supply reduces the LED display to reduce part of the power consumption and

reduce operating costs. At the same time,

low-calorie low-temperature rise and other working characteristics can eliminate heat-dissipating

equipment such as air conditioners and

reduce input costs.


06 common cold screen advantages

 The common cold screen temperature rises low, the screen body heat is uniform, the color temperature is constant,

and the colorless block is used for a long time, and the screen display effect is good. Maximize energy consumption

while ensuring high brightness and high contrast.

 Outdoor common cold screen has the advantages of low temperature rise, low heat, low power consumption, long life and

good display effect, and is expected to become the new favorite of outdoor display applications.


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