Transparent led display screen


Pixel Pitch 3.91 MM
Alum Tile Size 1000 * 500 MM
View Distance 3 (Min) To 80M
Pixel constitution SMD 1R1PG1B
Greatest power 500W/Per Sqm

1000mmx500mm indoor video wall transparent led display screen for advertising

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Pixel 3.9-7.8mm
Drving Mode 7scan
Module resolution 126*32dots
Module Pixel 4032dots
Cabinet size(LXH) 1000*500mm
Cabinet resolution 256*64dots
Transmittance ≥70%
Number of modules 8pcs
Pixel density 32256dot/m2
Material Aluminum profile
Cabinet weight 7KG
Brightness 3000cd/m2
Perspective Horizontal 140°,vertical140°
Minimum viewing distance ≥4m
Gray level 16bit
Refresh Rate >1920HZ
Frame Frequency 60fps
Input voltage AC 86-264V/60Hz
Power consumption (max/average) 800/240W/m2
Screen weight 9.5kg/m2
Service life ≥100,000 HOURS
IP protection level IP43
Temperature -20?~+60?or-40?~+60?
Humidity 10%-85%RH
Operating system NOVA/LINSN

1.Cabinet weight only 15kg/m2, main-board thickness only 15mm
2.Easy to plug and play, Saving shipping cost
3.Maintenance Friendly
-Plug type lamp design, support front and back maintenance
-Repair the lamps strip only, low maintenance cost
4.Customize: According to the glass curtain wall, customize the best product plan
5.Energy saving and heat dissipation
Side light, heat dissipation quick, Energy saving 30% than conventional display


1, easy to maintain: plug-in light bar design, support screen front and rear maintenance two ways, and only need to replace a single light bar, easy to operate, low maintenance costs, short time

2, energy saving, fast heat dissipation: LED small size, high brightness, 50% energy saving compared to conventional SMD display

3, high transmittance: PCB board thickness 1-4mm, the lamp bead is embedded in the PCB board, the permeability is greater than 80%

4, the installation is simple and convenient: indoor installation, outdoor viewing, no space, does not affect the building's appearance and wall structure

5, the appearance is simple and generous: the screen uses ultra-light and ultra-thin inside design 6, No noise, low energy consumption: low energy consumption, no noise, no need for additional cooling system


  1. indoor transparent led display
  2. p3.9-7.8
  3. 1000*500mm cabinet


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