wind resistance transparent outdoor led mesh screen


Why Do You Choose Outdoor LED Mesh Screen?

1.The LED mesh screen does not need steel frame auxiliary installation, the weight is ultra light. In addition, the hollow structure also reduces the wind load, which reduces the safety hazard caused by the windy weather. Ideal for outdoor large-area projects.

2. According to statistics, 60% of the LED display failures are caused by insufficient heat dissipation, and the louver-like structure of the LED mesh screen improves the heat dissipation and reduces the probability of failure. Moreover, unlike the led display with iron or aluminum cabinet, which needs to be disassembled from the back, the mesh screen can directly remove the faulty light bar on the front side of the screen, and there is no need to construct a maintenance channel, and the maintenance is more convenient.

3. In addition, the mesh screens have ventilation and transmission characteristics, the shielding effect on the building is reduced, also fits the building in appearance, low power consumption, more environmentally friendly and etc which let the LED mesh screen has become more and more popular in the outdoor led display market.

Project Location: Doha International Airport, Qatar

Project Time: May, 2016

Outdoor transparent LED Mesh Screen Pixel Pitch P8-16





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