Transparent led display


Due to its high transparency, the LED transparent screen can easily create a smart, translucent aesthetic, and its visual penetration, LED self-illumination and other characteristics also bring its own fashion, technology and futuristic, it's very popular in the field of creative and high-end led display.
LED transparent screen not only can play video advertisements, but also carry out brand and corporate propaganda. At the same time, it can create brand logos, invisibly express the cultural atmosphere of enterprise innovation and advancing with the times. In the high-end commercial shopping malls, bars, hotels and other leisure and entertainment places, LED transparent screen will be a fashion-forward creative selling point, and increase consumption with its fashionable and avant-garde appearance.

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Project site: Hongkong Harbour City       

Specifications: P3.9

Structure: curved screen

Area: 40 square meters

Date: March, 2019



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