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COB LED Shelf Display Features

COB is short for chip on board encapsulation. It’s a major in innovation technology which different from the traditional LED screen encapsulation. The novelty of COB is not only that it inherits all the advantages of traditional LED display, such as long life span, high brightness, wide viewing angle, etc, but also that it can realize wide color gamut, ultra high contrast ratio,high brightness and non-glare. Moreover, the screen shape can also be seamlessly spliced according to requirements. Comparing with LCD, OLED or other kinds of display screens, the highlight of COB is the impeccable air tightness brought by the special encapsulation of its chip, which makes the COB display have super physical protection performance, such as zero failure point, water-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, static electricity-proof and impact-proof. It is like Golden Bell Cocoon so it could be its comprehensive protection, which could be widely used in various environments. COB can achieve zero distance contact with the crowd, bring high definition visual experience and good interaction, To sum up, COB enjoys stable operation performance, superior visual effect multidimensional changeable shape, zero-defect pixel and ultra-low after-sales maintenance cost as well as high-efficiency investment return, COB is superior to other market display carriers
Cob smart strip screen emerged, it is widely used in supermarkets (including unmanned supermarkets chain stores, traffic information instructions and overview, museums, hotels, casinos, and other industry' s products and information display

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Project site: Colombia

Specifications: P1.25 COB LED SHELF DISPLAY

Structure: Flat screen

Area: 15 square meters

Date: July, 2018




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