LED Light Pole Display Screen


LED lamppost screens have natural advantages in road guidance, real-time broadcast of road conditions, information publish, advertising communication, etc. The maintenance is also very simple. Compared with the conventional LED display, it is also convenient to install it, just the auxiliary of the street light pole.

 Product advantages:

  1. Smart control: WIFI, 3G, 4G smart, intelligent management for advertising can control.
  2. To save time and effort: A successful installation, advertising graphic information at random change, save installation advertising brand of trouble, but also save resources.
  3. High IP level: Back and front IP65, protect it from the dust and rain.
  4. Convenient for maintenance: After open external door maintenance way, let the more convenient installation and maintenance.
  5. Energy saving: Adopted common cathode technology, low heat, low power consumption and reduce operation cost and maintenance cost.
Project Location: Malaysia
Project Time: June, 2015
Smart Lamppost LED Screen Pixel Pitch P4.8







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