Small Pixel LED Display Screen


As we all know, the small-pitch LED display is an indoor LED display with pixel spacing of P2.5 and below. The small-pitch LED display is becoming more and more mature in the application industry such as indoor high-end command and control center, dispatch center and monitoring center.


With small seamless LED display, excellent color performance and low energy consumption, the small-pitch LED display can meet the command and dispatch center, command and control center, radio and television studio,and meteorological information center with high image quality requirements. Demand for high-end indoor applications.

Compared with the DLP rear-projection splicing large screen, which is currently dominated by security monitoring, command
and control, and the fast-growing LCD splicing screen, the significant advantage of the small-pitch LED display is seamless splicing. In theory, the size can be expanded infinitely. The installation method is flexible and diverse, the screen body is thin, saves space, and has high brightness, which can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environment use. In addition, there is no high cost of replacing the bulb, low energy consumption, and low operation
and maintenance cost in the later stage.

Project: Europe Dior
Item: 1.56 Indoor Small Pixel LED Screen
Date: 2019




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