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15 M2 led shelf display screen in Colombia

LED Shelf Display

COB LED Shelf Display Features

COB is short for chip on board encapsulation. It’s a major in innovation technology which different from the traditional LED screen encapsulation. The novelty of COB is not only that it inherits all the advantages of traditional LED display, such as long life span, high brightness, wide viewing angle, etc, but…


Transparent led display

Due to its high transparency, the LED transparent screen can easily create a smart, translucent aesthetic, and its visual penetration, LED self-illumination and other characteristics also bring its own fashion, technology and futuristic, it's very popular in the field of creative and high-end led display.
LED transparent screen not only can…

50M2 p3.91 Indoor LED Screen In USA

Indoor Rental LED Screen

The Rental LED Screen specially designed for stage performances and literary events. It is widely used in stage background, singing and dancing events, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, conference rooms, interpretation halls, bars, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discs, etc. Compared with traditional fixed screens, Rental…

50M2 LED Lamppost Screens in Malaysia

LED Light Pole Display Screen

LED lamppost screens have natural advantages in road guidance, real-time broadcast of road conditions, information publish, advertising communication, etc. The maintenance is also very simple. Compared with the conventional LED display, it is also convenient to install it, just the auxiliary of the street light pole.

 Product advantages:

  1. Smart…

20 square meter led mesh screen in Qatar

wind resistance transparent outdoor led mesh screen

Why Do You Choose Outdoor LED Mesh Screen?

1.The LED mesh screen does not need steel frame auxiliary installation, the weight is ultra light. In addition, the hollow structure also reduces the wind load, which reduces the safety hazard caused by the windy weather. Ideal for outdoor large-area projects.

2. According to statistics,…

Indoor LED Video Wall in DOHA Airport Duty-Free Shop

Front service indoor led video wall

MDS 480mm*540mm Front maintenance led screen advantages


1. No seams, super wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and colorlessness.
2. Broadcast-grade color gamut, color temperature is intelligently adjustable.
3. The brightness is moderate, and it is not fatigued for a long time.
4. Super…

1.56mm Small Pixel LED Screen in Europe

Small Pixel LED Display Screen

As we all know, the small-pitch LED display is an indoor LED display with pixel spacing of P2.5 and below. The small-pitch LED display is becoming more and more mature in the application industry such as indoor high-end command and control center, dispatch center and monitoring center.


With small seamless LED display, excellent…

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